Sometimes seeing the light…just means installing better lights. At Masters Millwork, one of the first things we did is create an environment where our craftsmen are better able to see their work. Though that may sound simple, we took it a step further and installed lighting that is brighter than other factories – even calibrating it so our professionals see what our clients will see when the work is installed. That’s just one example of what makes Masters Millwork, well, masters.

At Masters Millwork, we work hard to stay in front of the technology that is available to us in order to better serve our customers. This includes advancements on our shop floor like our recent addition of a computer numerical control (CNC) router for cutting and shaping a wide variety of materials, including wood, composites, aluminum, steel, plastics, glass, and foams. After an extensive search and a lot of testing, the CNC machine we installed is the best on the market – with a robotic machine-feeder and a conveyor belt off-loader to minimize handling and reduce the opportunity for error.

Another innovation is our semi downdraft spray booth, which allows us to control our finishing process. Utilizing a controlled environment, the spray booth systematically removes an inconsistencies caused by air quality, overspray, or temperature. This means the products we create for our customers have the very best finishing – every single time.

Another important aspect of Masters Millwork’s dedication to our production process is the atmosphere of our production facility. Take a tour, and you will notice that our production floor looks more like a laboratory than a shop. The cleanliness, hyper-organization and professional demeanor of our team members create an environment that is custom-made for, well, making custom products.

These are just a couple examples of the types of technology Masters has been investing in on behalf of our customers.

And our team is constantly on the lookout for tools and techniques that can improve what we create for our customers. It is not unusual for one of our technicians to identify a technology that can help, bring it to the attention of our leadership team, and be using it on the floor just weeks later.

All of this means consistency in outcome, and that means less rework and more capacity for getting more jobs done quicker. This is the most important thing we bring to our customers – we deliver what the customer needs, when they need it, and in the budget in which we estimated.