Senior Assisted Living

Master’s Millwork has a great deal of experience in senior and assisted living locations. We know what works and what doesn’t, so we can help our clients with solutions. Senior and assisted living have needs that are much different than other offices. Consistency throughout the space is important as is ADA compliance customization. All of the trim work – handrails throughout the facility – are custom fabricated, and we specialize in customizing gathering areas like salons, libraries, stores, ice cream shops, restaurants, labs, patient rooms and reception areas.

Our team of experts design custom fixtures, point-of-service systems and units, trim and accents, feature walls, and back-of-house cabinet and storage needs including break rooms, offices, rest rooms, etc.

In addition to accounting for special equipment needs, we also work with our clients to understand their functionality requirements, trouble shoot their problems and create looks that are consistent throughout the suite, and between sites.

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